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What does fub mean in texting

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FUB means Fat Ugly...
Jewish religion beliefs homosexuality 640

Few on the internet quizzes are likewise to hand, where citizens...

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  • This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the...
  • Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations With Definitions | StyleCaster


What does mean . . . acronyms in chat? - Get Paid To Flirt

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What does fub mean in texting

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Advice for a long distance relationship?

Nanonoobpro: I wanna date one

Knivens Beast: Its scary accurate. The Not yet is the truest!

Cris BeltrГЎn: Somebody please tell me this is accurate

Guadi Armas: That Leo guy seems like such an asshole

Sandrute09: I was smiling at this until he said his name was Luke. I got reminded of the English man that I was with who scarred me for life when he lied to me, left me for my friend and then my friend lied to me about it for MONTHS. It scarred me. All of this describes him too. Oh memories. Gosh.

Outes Mlk: Is a Mexican man episode on the radar of possibilities? Or at least a Central American country?(I'm told by my Salvadoran friends that the country has a hatred for Mexicans. In case it comes up)

Saad Mehmood: Dude, look. here are some words from a romanian. the part with shareing is stupid. we can be some selfish/rejective/introverted assholes sometimes.

Riv Racost: German men are not appealing at all. No wonder why many German women prefer foreigners.

Consuela: That first girl manages to be creepy but kind of cute at the same time.And man the conversations sound boring as hell.

Mela Solis: Another double standard video.

Carol Po: I thought it was je suis celibataire until marriage.single (even if dating until the ring is on. What gives with the drama of the changing times?

Icevalkyrie: Sort of like being with a nasty crackhead but without the crack.

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  1. In our school you would get shot for having a different peice of clothing its not sexism its assumption.

  2. Why are you so sure feminine is better than masculine. why should boys be more feminine and not. girls be more masculine. double standards/

  3. Acronyms have always been an integral part of computer culture, and they have since spawned a new language on the Internet.

  4. Not living in america seeing that footage of the anti-gay activists was really disturbing. We really don't have stuff like that here

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