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Dating in your 20s reddit

Well, the older I got the more picky I got, and the more baggage everyone had. Mid 20s was more difficult than later or early 20s....

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Also women in their 20s still consider me in their acceptable age range, and women in their 30s are obviously still "peer level". The being catfished to keep people set their favorite stories and access to vent, a free for women.

I don't care to impress anyone. At 30, I was comfortable dating a younger 20's all the way to mid 30's. That said, it's easy to miss the forest for the trees and spend that decade messing around and living too much in the moment. This is an answer that I think is the most honest. Keep your car washed.

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Have you made a girl or guy cry?

Real, actual dating is impossible. Anal sex is perfectly fine now. I see this a lot. This is probably not a helpful answer, but it was in law school, which was a very expensive dating service.

There are biological differences between men and women that reflect in dating. I was and kinda still am socially awkward as fuck.

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  1. You're still young enoug h to enjoy life and your body still works, plus you've started working and maybe have a little bit of cash and independence, but not too many responsibilities yet.

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