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Yellow ass pics

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Yellow ass pics
Toemas8: In Peru: men

Farid Alijani: You know you're dating a German woman when you take off her hijab and she yells Allahu Ahkbar and the room explodes,

Gregory Terry: Oh my god! Alina is very very beautiful woman!

Lisa Diane: How about dating a Malaysian woman man.

Lizunok: Hmm, pretty similar to the mexican women

Ross Potts: I cried for this video hahaha 5/5

LucyRJ Cecil: Oh she loves me Oh he open the door for me and gives me flowers. You are being fooled. I am all for traveling but Not for being Played!

Kevin LГіpez: I've dated a few. They are great. In fact, one night we went to see a poet peform. She told me to hold her bag, I agreed (mistake 1). She said she was going to the restroom (bullshit). She was flirting with the poet, gave her number etc. Looking back you've got to be a man with a Russian woman, no bullshitting. Once you make it past that it's great.

Hani Nadif: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. RICE!

Anna Currier: These russian woman are so beautiful

Fatshoki: So basically she is a psycho

Regina Acuna: Hey guys, can someone tell me what his sister was saying?

Jonah Palmer: HE IS HILARIOUS!

JustACupOfTea: Ohh. that canadian accent though

Iduna Black: That was pretty funny.

Andrianna: This was SO spot on! hahaha

Gabriel Mora: The shouting part is a stereotype

Luana Husodo: The dutch men just want cheap and obedient pussy thats why they marry asian girls

Ryan Schultz: Franceee was soo hooot

Eya Mez: She sounds like an Aquarius.who happens to be French. LOL.

Edge Of Light: Wish they were romantic but most of them are not.

Igor Santarek: Loved this video, I once travelled to Turkey and this is so accurate from what I've seen! I have Hungarian descent and wonder if you would do a Hungarian man/woman video? I'd be super curious to see it:)

Phantom Wind: Did she say that she was 5

Cresiree DC: For me if you asked me out on the first date, I am not paying. If the date goes bad I will split it.

Pranav Patil: The girl speaking French definitely isn't French

One Eyed King: You know you'

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