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Lauren graham dating history

Gilmore Girls actress Lauren Graham turns 47 today so we take a look at her love life since her acting career began. Graham met Friends actor Matthew...

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Niki Ta: Love vid btw

Javiman: Interesting to see the difference between the comments and dislike bar on this video vs the male version.

Wesley Denny: This Brazilian woman isn't from my generation, but things are changing. I bet there is still more pressure on men in Brazil when compared to Canada, but i didn't really feel that pressure on my experiences. Some of them would actually insist in paying the bill themselves on the first date. I think it depends on what type of girl you go out with

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AJ Thomas: Idk if i am offended by the fact that you left out Slovak language and slovenian :D Like i know, even i do not care about this country but still :(

Zachary Jones: Please consider doing a video on dating a Balkan man :)

Abishek S: It is really ridiculous Greek Girl resemble Turkish to Arabic : , while I am sure she must be most familiar with Turkish than any other languages , but she did it on purpose , let me tell you some thing Greeks are Farsi and not Turkish but you look like Arab like many other Greeks do .

Alex N.: How bout you put a shirtless women next time since you decided to put a shirtless man in your video.

Pas De Pseudo: What about Eastern Canada(Quebec, Montreal)? Are they in-between the two cultures?

Megan Sheehan: Todas son putas.

Sukhmani Toor: That's not

Ibrahim Najm: I laughed so hard :D i guess we are the most similar to Brazilian women :)

May Brauer: I had been waiting for this one to come but it wasn't as good as I expected. It got boring and very stereotypical. Although yes, I understand you use those stereotypes in a funny way and potray some common facts, but so much could have been done to make it more interesting.

IBooMWither: Not all Italian women are jealous.

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Lauren graham dating history

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Peter Krause and Lauren Graham have been in a Retrieved January 30, Retrieved March 14, Ivan85 Jul 9, Lauren Graham is the hottest thing on t. Confessions of a Sexist Pig. Just imagine dating your coworker.

Daniela Reyes: Would you like to do Armenia? that would be very funny :D

Sydney Marcus: I think this video can go for Norwegian woman as well. More or less the same thing :)

Bethany Young: Bull means bullshit

Karma T: You know you're dating an Israeli pig when she won't shut the fuck up about being a stinkin ass Jew, Palestinian women look and are no doubt much better.

Vittoria B: Peace and love !

Meka4996: Greek Women are really kind hearted and friendly

Retrieved June 1, Join Now Register to update information, save favorites, post photos, news stories and comments. Going public in September , the two have managed to avoid gossipy tabloids or on-set fallout. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lauren Graham. Elizabeth Jane "Liz" Hurley is an English actress and model. Confessions of a Sexist Pig.

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  1. Famous men who have dated Lauren Graham, listed alphabetically with photos when available.

  2. In her brand new book, Lauren Graham opened up about finding love while in the spotlight, and mentioned how — while a tough task — she finally managed to get it right.

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