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Jacque Albizu: Have someone do Classical Latin

Nick Giordano: I m really liking the way you described german men honest and effiecient lovers ! no small talk .very impressive

Lo Ui Se: Today that don't apply to everyone

Augerboy320: I feel so stereotypical xD

Imbaba76: I'm european (spanish and the only ones I guessed were the asian ones, Japanese and Chinese lololol

Sarai637: This seems very Prussian to me. Germans from koln or hamburg even munchen act very differently.

Misterkeks: Talks too much, should get some lessons from German woman)

Crescent.: Yea definitely further confirms my want to move out of the US lol

Friida B: Nice video. I liked them n its nice to see that they r still traditional as there are very countries left with . So keep making more videos .

Lord Loss: I'm attracted to personality, humor, ambition, smile, eyes, smell, long as I can feel that chemistry.something can be made lol!

Sofia Pires: Your channel is splendidly awesome i love it

Shooterdash: Eles acham que e so isso

Glaidska: Do canadians Like Black women.

Ja Ganci: This croatian guy sounded more polish than this girl lmao

Will Swagger: Yeah, romanians are stupid, just like all eastern european sub-humans.


Dragoseak: Can u do a video a Serbian version of YKYD ?

R71oats6: Are there really any colombians that agree with this video?

Ayman Zaman: Do dating an Arab man Lebanese maybe, it would be very funny

Hola Hello: Any same sex couples please

Melvinnn11: I love mexican women, in fact, i'm married to one. Yeah! I love my breakfast, the tacos, pozole, menudo, but most of all, i love her so much.

Holy Land: I'm Italian and I prefer to pay for both of us insted of letting him pay for me.however I appreciate if he offers to pay.

Cebu hookup cebu girls craigslist okc farm

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